Yet Another Social Plugin for WordPress

Yet Another Social Plugin is a simple plugin for WordPress that allows users to display social networking share buttons on their blog. Currently, the Google +1, Facebook Like, Twitter Share, Pinterest Pin Button, and LinkedIn Share buttons are supported.


This plugin shows the share buttons above or below each posts.


Easy customization (Choose vertical or box type buttons) and positioning of the buttons in the Options page.


The buttons also provides a current count of how many times the article has been shared.


Download as WordPress Plugin

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Marvie is a freelance web designer and developer, who specializes in WordPress themes and have written quite a few WordPress plugins. He frequently writes on topics including web design, search engine optimization, web hosting, and WordPress tutorials. [Read More …]

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38 comments on “Yet Another Social Plugin for WordPress

  1. Loved the sheer simplicity of this one! Im probably going to use it in my site. Just a quick question, can I in some way remove Pinterest and G+. I want to keep the FB, twitter and Linkedin buttons only. I am not a programmer or anything, but can edit the php file will a little guidance :-)

    Cheers again!

    • Hi Sandeep, yes you can just comment out Pinterest and G+ code inside $yaspvert and $yasphor. And also the wp_enqueue_script of Pinterest and G+ inside function yasp_enqueue_script().

  2. Hi,
    I’m new to WordPress. I have installed and activated the “Yet another social plugin”.
    What do I have to do next? The buttons are not appearing at the top of my blogs.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Lee Lee

  3. Hi again,

    The one appearing currently is the one I installed via Facebook social plugin. I prefer to have FB, Twitter, G+ all in one as shown in your screenshot :)

    Could please help me out?

    Lee Lee

    • You mean, you want to change the placement of the two plugins buttons?…you need to set a higher priority for the filter or action of the plugins that should run last, and a lower value to run first..

      The third argument sets the priority of the filter or action.

  4. Oops! I’m totally lost! Let’s start again. I have initially installed the FB social plugin and the LIKE button appears at the top of each blog. That was great. Then I came across your plugin which offers more button which I like.

    Problem is, have installed your plugin and activate it…but I can’t see those buttons appearing at the top of my blogs.

    I would also like to know whether the original FB LIKE number count from the FB social plugin still be there should your plugin work or will the number count to-date disappear .

    Hope you can understand what I’m trying to say here :)

    Lee Lee

    • Hi Lew, sorry for the late reply. I can see the buttons appearing at the top of your posts. And yes, the number will still be there…

  5. Hi Marvie,
    It’s me again! Very happy with the plugin! Thanks.

    Just a quick question though. Whenever a reader click, for example the FB Like button, I presumed that my site link will appear in the reader’s FB wall. How come it’s not appearing?

    Lee Lee

    • Hi Lew… yes, the post link will appear appear on their FB wall, depending on how they setup their privacy settings in Facebook.

  6. Hi there,

    I have an issue and I had posted on support but no reply so stating here again. I wonder why it is not working on single post. Please take a look at my site and click any image. The plugin does not appear there, works only on the single page. What is the workaround?


    • Hi Karla, you just have to activate the plugin after installing and it will appear on your posts/pages. I visited your site and I can see the buttons on your posts.

      • Thanks Marvie. Maybe I don't understand what the buttons are for! I thought I was supposed to sent the reader to my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Are they posting my blog to their social media? Like I said, I am really green on WordPress.

        • They are just sharing a part/excerpt of your post to their favorite social media sites, with a link to the original post.

  7. hi is it possible to make the button appears on the articles on the home page ? i got them on the single post but not on home page (wich displays the entire article)
    thanks for your help !

  8. Hi Nicolas …as of now the buttons will only display on single posts/pages. Perhaps on the next release, we’ll include that option :)

  9. On my wordpress site where I use this plug in people can press the button for facebook to like it but then they only get to see a little peace of the pop up box, so they will neven be able to comment or someting, do you have an idea what might be the problem?

  10. Great plug-in! It’ll be even greater for me if/when the FB like button actually appears. Do you know of any reasons why it might not? The PHP looks fine, and I’ve managed to delete the Pinterest and LinkedIn buttons, which I don’t want, but the FB Like button just won’t show up.
    Any suggestions, or should I wait until this site is published to the outside world to try to figure this out?
    Thanks much.

    • Please disregard. I tracked the issue to simple browser extension (which I had completely forgotten about) that was set to disable Facebook tracking. I disabled that, and now all is well. Thank you.

  11. Hi,
    I’m new to WordPress. I have installed and activated the “Yet another social plugin”.
    What do I have to do next? The buttons are not appearing at the top of my blogs. :(

  12. Hi – first off, great plugin idea! I am having a technical issue on disabling the social sharing for pages. I have the two pages comma separated, as instructed, but the plugin is only disabled for the first listed page and not the second. I reordered them a couple of times, and it was always the first listed page that had it disabled. Perhaps a bug? (I really don’t need sharing for my about and contact pages)

  13. Hi,
    My name is Andrew Kurtis and I am associated with Web Hosting Hub community team.
    I found your Yet Another Social Plugin plugin at http://tutskid.com/yet-another-social-plugin/ very interesting. My idea is to translate that to Spanish language and help people from Hispanic community find your plugin useful too. But you would need to create the translatable .pot file first in order for me to proceed. Please let me know if you are willing to do that so I can translate it.

    Andrew Kurtis

  14. Good day,
    I’m Andrijana from WebHostingGeeks Support. We have found your plugin Yet Another Social Plugin at http://tutskid.com/yet-another-social-plugin/ very interesting and of a significant use for the community. Since I’m of Serbian decent, I’m willing to help people from former Yugoslavia, which now represents six independent countries in Europe, better manage their internet pages by translating your plugin into Serbo-Croatian language.
    Would that be ok with you?
    I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    Many kind regards,

    Andrijana Nikolic


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