WP Facebook Like Send & Open Graph Meta Changelog

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  • Update to Twitter button link.
  • Tested on WP version 3.7.


  • Bug fix in fblsogm_add_facebook_og_wp function


  • Bug fix: Exclude pages doesn’t work if show on homepage checkbox is checked


  • Added link for the complete listing of all the locales supported by Facebook
  • Minor fix to fblsogm_validate_options function
  • Rearranged and improved the settings page


  • Multiple languages support for buttons
  • Bug Fix: Fixed notices displayed in debug mode
  • Fix to Sanitize textbox input in fblsogm_validate_options function
  • Change how the og:url gets the URL
  • Added Media Uploader within the plugin
  • Tested with WP 3.5.1 and WP 3.6-beta2


  • NEW : Option to hide buttons in Page/Pages
  • NEW : Option to hide send button


  • Fixed some information in the readme.txt


  • Change link to author’s site in the plugin
  • Change links of the plugin’s URL in the plugin and readme.txt
  • Change donate link in the readme.txt


  • Fixed bug in the button font
  • Change how the og:title gets the title
  • Added powered by link option
  • Fixed issue in plugin settings (option page wasn’t being properly displayed in the upcoming WordPress version 3.4)


  • Minor changes to images


  • Added the like button layout style
  • Added font for the button


  • Added an options page
  • Option to show the button on the homepage
  • Default image option for Open Graph data
  • Show or hide Facebook profile pictures below the buttons
  • Display like or recommend for the button
  • Color scheme option
  • Open Graph title tag now uses the wp_title()


  • The plugin now inserts the Open Graph metadata throughout the blog


  • Bug fix


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