StandardPack WordPress Theme


standardpack wordpress theme
StandardPack is a simple and search engine friendly WordPress theme with 6 widget-ready areas.

Theme Features:

Drop down menu (Primary & Top menu)
drop down menu
Create multiple level menus with ease straight from administration panel.

Theme options
standardpack theme options
Theme options panel that lets you easily change the look of your blog.

6 widget-ready areas
standardpack widget areas
Sidebar, header and footer areas.


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About Marvie Pons

Marvie is a freelance web designer and developer, who specializes in WordPress themes and have written quite a few WordPress plugins. He frequently writes on topics including web design, search engine optimization, web hosting, and WordPress tutorials. [Read More …]

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16 comments on “StandardPack WordPress Theme

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  2. Hi Marvie,

    Can you tell me how to change and/or delete the WordPress link in the footer? I tried using Theme options / General / Footer copyright text, but it is placed above the WordPress link.
    I see no way to delete the WordPress link either.
    I use a Child theme.

    • copy footer.php to your child theme folder and in that file delete:

      < ?php _e( 'Powered by <span id="generator-link"><a href=http://wordpress.org title="WordPress" rel="generator">WordPress</ a></span>.', 'standardpack' ); ? >
        • If you think you messed up something in the Child theme footer.php, then just download the footer.php from the parent theme and upload it to the child theme.

          • No, I didn’t messed that up, because I have deleted that and replaced it again (many times…). It doesn’t make any difference if it’s there or not.
            I meant maybe other things I have changed and uploaded to the child theme, which causes the footer doesn’t accept this change…. Altough I doubt that very much, but you never know. 😉

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