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facebook like send buttons wordpress-pluginAdd Facebook Like and Send buttons in your WordPress posts or pages. If the user is already logged into Facebook, the plugin display profile photos below the button of a user’s friends who have liked the URL specified.
In addition, this plugin adds Facebook Open Graph Meta Data in your WordPress site to show the right thumbnail image, or the right title and description.

By adding Open Graph Meta tags together with the Facebook Like and Send buttons, you can get better control over how your content is displayed on Facebook.

This plugin can be the single most important factor in making your article go viral on Facebook.

Current Version: 1.3.5

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Marvie is a freelance web designer and developer, who specializes in WordPress themes and have written quite a few WordPress plugins. He frequently writes on topics including web design, search engine optimization, web hosting, and WordPress tutorials. [Read More …]

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87 comments on “WP Facebook Like Send & Open Graph Meta

  1. Hi
    Thank you for this plugin!
    I have two pages on my personal facebook account. The plugin is linking to the wrong page in the window in the “Find us on Facebook” module. How could I change it to the other page?
    Thank you for the patience with this newbie.


  2. Great little plugin. How can I get it to show up on my front page. It only shows up on my posts. But my front page is the latest post.

  3. Many thanks for this fresh and great plugin! Simple, clean and effective!
    I have only one question: is it possible to change the placement of the button inside the post (e.g. via shordcode or specific php code change in the plugin file editor)? I have a related posts plugin too and now the like button is after the related post’s list, but it would be more relevant rigth after the post, before the related posts list. In addtition.
    best regards, Gabor

    • Hi Gabor.. you need to set a higher priority for the filter or action of the plugins that should run last, and a lower value to run first..

      The third argument sets the priority of the filter or action.

  4. Hi, I have been having a problem with getting the facebook like and send buttons to show on my site. I installed codes from facebook with no success.

    I just installed you plugin as well with no success. I am perplexed on why this is so. Could it be my browsers or my computer?

    Will really appreciate any help


    • Hi Dr Gbenga, the buttons is in your site and I think it’s working fine. Maybe you can try clearing cache and cookies.

      • Hello Marvie,

        Thank you for your prompt response.

        I am quite perplexed on what is the problem. I am still unable to view the buttons. I have updated the java (JRE ver 6 upate 31) on my system, tried disabling all addons in mozilla, cleared cookies and cache as you suggested in all the browsers I have (mozilla, explorer 9, and chrome. All the no avail.

        I even tried to see the one on developers.facebook.com but i cant see the send button there as well.

        I guess the problem must be with my computer or browsers or software somewhere.

        It’s quite a strange one

  5. Hi , great plugin 😉

    Is there a way to “see” who is liking your posts?
    I can see for example —–2 friends (with avatar) and 40 people like this—–

    where can we see a graph or something about those stats and those other 40?
    who they are? if possible.

    • Hi Johan, as of now the plugin don’t have a tracking feature. But I’ll consider to integrate the Google Analytics social tracking in the coming updates.

  6. Hi!
    I have some strange issue – every Like on my page shows on Facebook in ‘last activity’, not in open way. And I do have images with my posts though.
    Can you help me step by step what should I do to works it correctly?

  7. Hi. The plugin shows something like “One like. Sign up to see what your friends like.” I click on the “Sign up” link, and it takes me to my own Facebook page (I am already logged in). But it doesn’t show me the faces of who else likes the post. How do I see the faces/identities of who else likes the post?


    • Hi KB, you can only see the names of your friends who Like a page. Others will simply show up as a number.

      • Hello, to follow up on my previous post and your reply, I get different results in Internet Explorer and Firefox. In Internet Explorer, it says “[Name of Friend] and 5 other people like this.” But in Firefox it says “Sign up to see what your friends like.” So why would the plugin show different results in Internet Explorer and Firefox?

        Obviously I am signed in to my Facebook account, because Internet Explorer is showing “[Name of Friend] likes this post.” Why not Firefox?

        Thanks for your advice!

        • Hi Kevin, you need to be login to Facebook on both browsers. If you’re already login on both and still seeing “Sign up to see what your friends like.” in FF, maybe you have unchecked the ‘Accept third-party cookies’ option in Firefox Privacy settings.

          • Hmmmm, I am signed in to Facebook on both IE and Firefox. I checked to make sure the “accept third-party cookies” in Firefox privacy settings was indeed checked, and I still get the same result. IE says “[Name of friend] and 5 others like this post.” Firefox says “6 people like this post. Sign in to see what your friends like.”

            Clicking the “Sign in” link in the plugin text takes me not to any sign-in page, but instead to my own Facebook page. So, it’s obviously connected to my Facebook account, but why would the plugin display differently in IE and Firefox?

            Just to test whether it was some other plug-in issue in Firefox, I disabled all plug-ins in Firefox, and still the same result.

            Thanks for your time and continuing help!

          • Going to look at whether “accept third party cookies” was checked in Firefox privacy settings led me to discover a different Firefox plugin that was preventing me from connecting your plugin to Facebook. My problem is solved. Again, thanks for your time and help!!

  8. Hey there! My plugin seems not to be working – every time someone likes with the button, the button “resets” and doesn’t register any likes.


    Could you please check it out for me? The plugin looks very nice, and I’d love to get it working !

    • Hi tatiana, it seems that you’ve deactivated or uninstall the plugin, I can’t see any output from the plugin in the source. I won’t be able to check it if its not installed.

  9. Hi; Just installed your app and like it. However the buttons are not showing up after all of the posts.
    A couple per page aremissing, please help. Thanks, Gary

  10. I started using your plugin v1.2.5 a month ago when a different one quit working. It seemed fine until today, when I saw that only the first post on a page shows the Like and Send buttons and count. Previously the buttons and stats showed on all posts. If I click another Blog Category on the right, those pages also show the buttons on the first post on a page, but not on the rest of the posts. Is there a fix for this? I haven’t made any changes in WordPress.

  11. For some reason, this plugin does not work in IE10, even in compatibility mode. Tried same site in Chrome and in IE10 and it works in chrome but not in IE10 (clicking recommend opens a new window which facebook tries to close…doesn’t show the fields to comment and recommend).

    • Hi Brad …Perhaps your IE10 privacy setting in internet options is set to ‘Block third-party cookies”. Sometimes changing this setting to ‘Accept third-party cookies’ fix this FB bug…

  12. Hi Marvie,

    Just wondering how to delete one of the plugins. I’ve only installed once but seems to be two of your facebook likes on the bottom of the page.
    Can you please advise?

    • Hi Claudio, the plugin is not yet ready for translation. We’ll consider making it translation ready on our next release.

  13. I typed in the pages that I DIDN’T want the like/send buttons appearing on, but it’s not working. I have version1.3 and I see the list of pages typed into the box on the settings page for the plug-in, but it still shows up on my site. Any way to fix this?

    • Hi Zara …The image that is used for sharing is taken from Facebook Open Graph Meta Data added by the plugin. It checks if the post has a specified thumbnail, if there is none, then it search post for images and display first one. If none exists, then it will show the default url you specified in the plugin's option page.

      The plugin uses an excerpt of the post text. If you do not provide an excerpt to a post in the post editor's optional excerpt field, it will display an automatic excerpt which refers to the first 160 characters of the post's content.

  14. Hi there – thanks for your plugin! If people who are logged in to facebook click "like" but do not follow through with the "post to facebook" it still keeps the like on my blog, does it show that they liked it on facebook even if they didn't necessarily post it?

    • Hi jefferis, Be sure your mobile theme is not missing the_content WordPress hook.


    • That feature is not yet available with this plugin. Perhaps in the future. As of now, the button will only appear after the post.

  15. if exclude pages is set and the show on homepage is set too (chk_button1), exclude page doesn’t work

    code below fix that (of course it’s a bit dirty)

    if (!is_page( $exclude_pages ))
    if(!is_feed() && !is_home() && !is_page( $exclude_pages ) ) {
    $content .= $fb;
    } else if ( isset($options[‘chk_button1’]) && ($options[‘chk_button1’]!=””) ) {
    $content .= $fb;

  16. The default image from the plugin settings doesn’t appear in FB.

    When I like a post that doesn’t include images, no image appears in facebook next to the excerpt. I also noticed that when a post includes images, the send button opens a blank window and the like button doesn’t work at all – nothing shows in facebook.

    I’m using ver 1.3.3 and also confirmed in page source that the plugin in selecting the default image URL properly:

    • Hi Schinel… please try the Facebook debugger tool and see if it helps.. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

      • I was able to figure out the problem was with the image. I was using a png but once changed to jpg the image is now showing. Thank you :-)

  17. Hello … I have plug in this last 2 days ok !! its worked fine but within 2 days now like button showing error :( plz fix this problem !! and why showing error !! plz solve this error

      • Hello bro @ Marvie Pons says ,i have removed that pug in to reinstall !!
        I have installed again after 24 hrs but still shows error :(
        when i installed it 1st its worked fine but after 2 days showing error :(
        i like this plug in ist so nice & simple good !! so i want to enable this puglin !!
        plz help me !! still error showing !! solv this problem bro !!
        Note: I am from Bangladesh !! here has one option of ur soft ( Enter locale code )
        What should i put there ?? i am new !! dont know what should i put there !!
        & Database Options option should click box or not ??
        wish u will solve my prob !!as soon as possible
        thanks in Advance !!

        • Maybe it’s a Facebook issue, also check this thread ( http://forums.kanoapps.com/showthread.php?8210-FB-Error-Message-Error-processing-request-Sorry-this-Feature-isn-t-available-… ) may be it’ll be helpful to you.

          Regarding you other questions: There is a link in the plugin settings for the complete listing of all the locales supported by Facebook. Only check the ‘Database Options’ if you want to reset plugin settings upon Plugin reactivation.

  18. Helo,
    Really nice plugin, works like a charm. Thank you very much.
    Is there any way to move the button before post? Right now, looks like there’s only one option to put that after post.

    Waiting for assistance,
    thank you

    • Hi putri, that feature is not yet available with this plugin. I’ll consider adding it as an additional option, perhaps on the next release.

  19. Its very nice plugin .. i am using this plugin .. before last day it was working fine
    but today not working here
    i have posted 2 post , when i am tring to share on facebook not showing feature image and post describtion :( Plz any expert help me . suffuering so…..
    i tired debug on facebook what gives me result See this photo

    plz plz plz help me how can i fix this problem
    Thanks in advance
    Note: using wordpress 7.1

  20. Hi Marvie,

    Love the plug-in, thank you!

    A few questions:

    1. The send box is cut at the bottom of the page. Is there an option to have a scroll on it? Also, it freezes after being activated.

    2. Is there an option to place it on the sidebar or footer instead of at the bottom of the page?

    3. How can I have ALL faces that liked the page be visible, and not only faces of my facebook friends?

    Thank you very much for reply!

    • Hello Elena,

      1. Make sure all parent elements of your theme have overflow: visible set in their CSS definition. ( see https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button/#faqlayout)
      2.As of now, that option is not available for this plugin. Perhaps on the next release.
      3.You can only see the names of your friends who Like a post. Others will simply show up as a number.

  21. I was having trouble with the width of the plugin on a responsive website. I fixed it by going to the Plugins page in WordPress and clicking “Edit” under the WP Facebook Like Send & Open Graph Meta plugin. I then hit CTRL+F and searched for the number 450. This takes you to the line that specifies how wide the Facebook module will be. I changed the 450 to 275 and it fixed the responsive site issue. Hope this helps folks!

  22. Hi there Marvie

    Can you please tell me, if a page has 100 likes. Can we limit the number of faces it shows to say 20 “random” faces? instead of 100 which would take up too much room.

    Many thanks.

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